Business Law Matters

Whether you own a business or are starting one, the attorneys at Burke & Burkehave extensive knowledge and experience in Corporate and Business law. We proudly serve clients throughout Long Island, in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We represent clients in the sale or purchase of all types of all types of businesses and we also represent new businesses. Assisting clients in the management of corporate entities requires careful attention to operational matters and resolution of disputes. Issues that arise during any phase of a start-up or growth of a corporation may require an attorney that can provide advice and counsel on a wide variety of issues and work with your other professionals. The experienced corporate attorneys of Burke & Burke facilitate the establishment of healthy, profitable companies, while also providing ongoing legal advice for existing enterprises. We have extensive experience in complex areas of corporate law. We assist professionals in securing the licenses necessary to operate, drafting shareholder agreements and purchase-sale contracts instrumental in mergers and acquisitions. Following the establishment of a burgeoning company, we often serve as legal consultants for corporate owners and managers dealing with a variety of issues from non-compete contracts and other employment law issues to financial structure and other operational matters.


  • Creating new corporations, LLCs, and LLPs
  • Establishing PCs, PLLCs, PPs, PLPs
  • Establishing partnerships (general and limited)


  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Creating partnership documents
  • Writing operating agreements
  • Helping clients with buy/sell agreements


  • Buying a new business
  • Buying or selling an existing business


Transitional Planning

  • Business succession planning

Business Related Litigation

  • Partnership disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • Preliminary or permanent injunctions
  • Protection against fraud claims
  • Partnership disputes
  •  Collection and other financial service issues

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